Thursday, 3 March 2016

A couple of to-do's..

Austerity January and February have been and gone. Attention will soon turn to an exhaust.  In the meantime I went to visit the car in storage to measure the steering shaft to order a new bearing (that sleep-inducing post may follow over the weekend) and also to check-out what was causing the worrying metal-on-metal noise when I dragged the car on to the trailer.

The news on that is that the diff and prop flange was contacting the removeable cover at the back of the tunnel.  That doesn't sound like good news but it just means that I need a convex relief section welded-into an aluminium part.  This is significantly better than needing to swap for the rare small Escort diff flange or, worse still, having to cut the tunnel apart.  Actual phew.

Now, whilst having a bit of a nose I spotted two things.  One new thing and one I'd forgotten.  First, the internal bonnet panel is interfering with the ARB.  
This is a doddle to fix.  The second spot (the forgotten issue) is even more straightforward - the steering rack boot on the passenger side needs some zip ties.
Beyond that, I just took a couple of photos to remind me that there really should be a very bright light at the end of this excruciatingly long tunnel.
That's sadly not my motor home.
I really should sort-out a replacement tyre-rack - this one didn't quite clear the car so I had to chop it off,