Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Driving(ish) home(ish) for Christmas.

Just before Christmas, following a tump-load of work by Andy Westgate, I collected the Gemini from Westgate Composite's site in Berkshire and dragged it back to Gloucestershire.
Here (above) you can see the scuttle extension/aeroscreen bolted in place and me wearing a decidedly crap jumper - Andy insisted on the "Happy Customer" photograph.
 Nothing new of note here (above or indeed below...)
 But here is the cut-out for the exhaust - part lined with heat-mat.
Oh, and although a 'Phase 2' project, while the car was with Andy we start to think about aero mods:
There now follows a hiatus while I rebuild the coffers a bit and get some domestic stuff done. The bottom-line is, I won't be out at Oulton in April - maybe Silverstone in August is realistic - after all, mechanically the car is 100% unproven.


Sunday, 6 December 2015

Spot the differences...

I appreciate that for anyone else (my wife included) these images hardly change. There is progress though.
Back-stays in place. The least said about body symmetry the better I think.
"Baby got back."
Yes, the boot doesn't close; thanks to Mr Newey and his E-type for this one.
The tub has been remodelled around my shoulders. The raw GRP in the interior is now a less raw mid-grey too.
A retro touch.
A happy boy.

Structurally, the rear tub is permenantly fixed in situ and is rock solid (thanks to Andy - it mounts very differently to stock now.) The roll cage is bolted-in, except for three bolts on the driver's side of the front hoop.