Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Throttle enable cable fable...

My throttle cable assembly is one part of the car that has been in the design phase for literally years. At last I've been able to piece together the critical parts.

The generic cable from Venhill uses the welded-on nipple fitting in the standard throttle roller fitting. The cable then travels through the recycled Yamaha bolt-in ferule before travelling through the Venhill outer until it reaches the threaded cable adjuster which is mounted in a fabricated stand-off tower using a nice grommet from CBS to seal it off while allowing the thick-end of the adjuster to travel into the tower.  The cable exits the adjuster then travels 90 degrees around a special machined acrylic rolling-shaft before joining to the pedal by means of a Venhill U-shaped fitting, bolt-on nipple-end and a rose-joint.
It needs some fine-adjustment and a brace for the tower but works a treat.  It will sound silly but as this is all of my own design (with the goal always being a smooth, long-travel pedal) I am rather pleased.
Now to try to find a very short turn-buckle or similar to act as the brace for the tower...


Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Aluminium Fab-ulous-rications

The car was away for three weeks in the end. Andrew at Allisport was a bit behind with a couple of jobs and then had a significant piece of work dropped on him by one of his largest customers.  This didn't pose a big problem - I did some family stuff and even some dreaded DIY.  Plus, as one friend put it on seeing the photos, it was definitely worth the wait.  The quality of the work is amongst the best that I've ever seen.  I'm absolutely thrilled.
The biggest-ticket item by some margin is the main tank.  I'd not finished bolting it into place when I took the above photo.  It's pretty stunning - but this is not the clever/tricky bit.
You can hopefully see above and below how the fixing points have been fabricated and the way that the tank fits neatly in front of the axle.  Andrew and his guys seem to have done the unexpected i.e. taken a template that some would have laughed at and ignored and instead perfected the design without compromising the intent or the work that has been done thus far,  If you look really closely above, you can see how the Facet filter-hose-tail screws into the outlet.  It is spot-on.
The rest of the work is fantastic too.  The swirl pot reminds me of the Heineken mini-kegs that you can buy in Supermarkets.  What's not to like?
The water header tank and oil puke tank look suitably traditional to my eye too.  These all need mounting but that won't pose a problem once my new 6mm rivnut tool arrives,
Even the top-mounts for my oil cooler are a smarter design than I'd envisaged.  Of course the water pipework is first-class also.
So, if it wasn't wholly apparent already, I would not hesitate to recommend Allisport.  I would definitely use them again - and will indeed be popping-back for a couple of additions.