Monday, 23 March 2015

Roly Pole-y

First things first: no aluminium fab until the 18th; I will try to make sure that I need no further fabrication afterwards by making a couple of extra parts in board.

A couple of teeny parts arrived from Dave Gallop today. These together make a little  roller that guide the throttle cable through up-to 90 degrees.
Here some red electrical cable plays the part of throttle cable - it's sat in a groove in case you wondered. It all seems to work rather well but I do have a little polishing to do before I loctite-in the bolts at either end.
This shot of the pedal box somehow reminds me of Star Wars. Anyway, "clears easily, cable does.' [/yoda]

What has become the bolt holes in the pedal box have always been there. I should have a look at the Escort manual to see what they were for originally.  The plan has been to install the roller for ages. Almost literally ages. 

It has dawned on me that it may be hard to visualise the part on the car. See just above the right-hand master cylinder - just higher than the saltire.

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Shiny schedule

Pending a call tomorrow to confirm, the Gemini should be making the short journey to Allisport in Cinderford on the weekend to have its tanks and water pipes made.
I have a few things to do before I load-up, in particular some templates to be completed. However, I got the ball rolling by securing all the loose cables that were lying over various parts of the car and by giving the car a quick vacuum..