Saturday, 17 January 2015

Remember remember that during December..

During December I finished the bracket for the hand brake cable.  It's formed from a laser-cut profile and a bit of old Escort,
Therefore, something old, something new, something borrowed (Dave and his TIG welder) and something errr... black.
Yes - that is a signed "Nige" on the shed wall; the result of a boozy corporate do with a silent auction. Oh dear.
I also bought myself a Christmas present:

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

New Year's Resolution (2015)

When the clock ticked-over to 2015 I had a number of thoughts rattling around my brain. My first, second and third thoughts were about family: How would the boy change in the coming 12 months?; I hoped that the wider family would be reasonably well given some of the current  worries; Next, I wondered if being a Dad would start to come a bit more naturally. After this lot came some thoughts about work, business performance and then I wondered if we'd manage to put an extension on the cottage. Genuinely, it took quite a while for the car to enter my consciousness. This in itself is rather a sign of the times. In any case my first thought on the subject was, "I will finish the car this year."  Then I thought again - the reality is that I just don't know if that will be possible. Kate is on maternity leave for a while yet and frankly I'm not sure where the cash for some of the big ticket items still to be bought (loads of custom aluminium tanks/pipes and a complete exhaust) will come from. It naturally follows that if I'm struggling to find the pennies to finish the car, finding the funds to race the thing will be similarly difficult.

While this is somewhat depressing, I find myself being fairly philosophical about it all. It's been so long since I ventured out on-track in my own car that the adrenaline and thrill is barely even a distant memory. Therefore, rather than looking upon the car as a source of excitement, I find myself thinking about the short periods that I spend building the thing as R&R - a bit of time to myself.

It's for this reason that I'll keep plodding-on until such a time as some funds roll-in or indeed the funds run out. Did somebody mention an extension?