Sunday, 1 June 2014

Flooring it.

With Junior just two weeks away if the midwife is right, my focus has been on other stuff.  However, I have managed to finish a job that has been dragging-on for yonks. Dave at Track Developments made the panel to go beneath the engine as far back as March of last year.  However, I'd made a boob when ordering the eight Dzus fasteners that attach it to the chassis.  Frustrated, I hadn't bothered to work-out what I actually needed so the panel has just sat in a corner of the garden shed.  The stimulus to get it sorted was a need to order some other stuff from Car Builder Solutions.  So, having measured again, I added c.£50 of the little clips to my order.  Fifty quid!!

Anyway, once they arrived I was keen to get them fitted - over two short evenings I finally got the job finished but not before I had to remove some clips for the second time because the rivets needed to go the other way around.
The clips are seriously tight - I used a big penny washer to twist them into place but it was a real wrestle.  I need to order one of the special tools to make my life easier in the future.  I've also added some sound deadening just to try to stop it from flapping about due to resonance and also to stop it from clanking against the sump if it does move.
Here it is in-place:
It j-u-s-t clears the motor which is exactly what I wanted.  As well as the Dzus clips, I am going to attach a stainless steel cable tie between two p-clips - one on the floor and one on the motor - to stop it from being pulled down and to provide some extra security.
I'll try to post a remaining to-do list later this week - it will do me good.