Thursday, 22 May 2014


In the very short amount of time that's been available I've managed to collect the last aluminium fitting for the gear-shift rods from Track Developments.  Having cut the rod carefully to size I applied epoxy cement and put it in the vice to set.
Fitted it looks like this:
Unfortunately it seems like my special glue has gone off as it's not worked.  I need to get some ordered from RS.


Thursday, 8 May 2014


Crikey, another thrilling update: My new-old-stock 'retro' indicator switch is fitted to its switch pod.  This has a super-seal connector fitted to its own mini-loom awaiting connection to the main-loom and light-looms. Loom, loom, loo..... ugh.


Monday, 5 May 2014

Beep Beep

So, I resolved my slightly flappy fuel pipe by indeed drilling a very small hole in on of the webbed portions on the engine.  No harm done and it took very little time once I'd bought a flexible drill extension to get me in there.  A small zip-tie did the rest.
The last few bits of hose arrived in the post so I plumbed the oil feed and drain that will connect to the puke/separator tank.
I added a cable-tie base to the airbox that allows me to clip the vent-hose in the right location.  I drilled the airbox in-situ but had the vacuum cleaner on the whole time making sure that none of the nasty carbon could remain or make it into the bell-mouths.
At the top here is t'other end of the same hose.  There will be a tank between it and the hose in the foreground which will feed any oil back to the engine...
... as seen above.  This hose also provides some support for the high-pressure fuel-line as it moves towards the fuel rail.

I'd somehow managed to lose the resistor for the master switch.  After a bit of Google-ing, I found that a suitable replacement could be had from RS for a couple of quid and further-more it was suitable for panel mounting.  
I've also collected some powdercoating this week - most notably my re-coated, previously leaky rear wheel. I'm just awaiting some fresh fixings to put it back together.  I really hope it doesn't leak again; the other three I rebuilt are perfect.  Also collected were my side-impact-protection bar and my modified throttle pedal.
Here's the 'S.I.P.S' cable-tied into place - I can't fit the bodywork with it in place.
Something was lost in translation on the pedal, I wanted both ends left uncoated; that's almost what happened:
Rather than get it re-done, I made-good with some hand tools and paint.  Here it is sporting it's grip-pad and the little rod-end that the cable will connect to:
Despite the warnings on the packet, I managed to snap the corner off the grip pad.  Thankfully, it doesn't seem to make a huge difference.  I may change it next time I order from Burton Power.

I've also continued to work-on the wiring to the extent that I can test it.  I've got power to coils, fuel pump and throttles plus the EXUP valve cycles so all is looking okay.  It did give me a bit of a scare however as I hadn't expected an odd noise from the fly-by-wire throttle servo.  I therefore posted the following video to ask the question:

Apparently this is normal - so all is well.  I still have some sensors to finish connecting-up and then have to sort-out the wiring for all the switches and run the cables forward to the front lights, horn etc.  Speaking of which, the only thing that doesn't seem to work is my second-hand transponder.  I wonder if it can be repaired?