Sunday, 13 April 2014

Testing 1-

I managed to complete the electrical connections at the CBS Wiring Module-end this weekend. This meant that the most basic connections could be tested. Power reaches the ON switch; the accessory switch powers up the lights and cycles the motor that would normally control the air trumpets. It's early days and there is LOTS still to do and prove. I'll take it for starters though - completion did for the first time in a while seem tangible however.

My leaky wheel is disassembled and with T.P.C.S for refinishing (I had to use chemical to soften the sealant and this wrecked the paint.). Also, I've realised that my old hand injuries mean that using the paddle shift will be painful after a few minutes, so a new column-shift is planned. Oh and I've run the fuel hose going from the (as yet imaginary) swirl pot to  the throttle bodies.
The only issue is that it needs one more clip to hold it well away from moving parts - the best way to do this seems to be to drill a small hole in a lug on the motor. I'm not sure if it's either RGB-legal or wise?


Saturday, 5 April 2014