Friday, 28 March 2014

Seen it all before...

The RGB season kicks-off this weekend which is depressing.  Yet again I have no car.  The progress made has been to finish some stuff that has been WIP for ages.

Rear Loom:


The plan is maybe to upgrade the standard JC50 filter to a proper box-lid at some point, but that's another £400 project so this will certainly do for now.  Noise will likely determine if I need to change things.
I'm trying to keep the bonnet bulge as small as possible.  I'm conscious that I'm used to driving cars with cycle-wings and seeing as much of the road as possible is important to me.


Sunday, 9 March 2014


The rear loom (mainly running lights) is very nearly complete:
I've used splash-proof connectors - some genuine AMP, some not-so-much i.e. evidently not quite so good quality.
The free plug 'by-yer' is for the rain light.  I'd have completely finished the rear loom if it weren't for the crimp connectors that I've bought for the earths.  Lord-knows how you are supposed to crimp them; they are so stiff - it feels like my fingers might break before they bend.
 Next stop: wiring in and around the cockpit.


Saturday, 8 March 2014

Pipe Down

(Almost) first-thing this morning I headed over to see Andrew Graham at  He did a fine job of welding the AN8 fitting to my oil cooler take-off.  He's all of 15 minutes from home so definitely and option for my tanks etc. 
It's budget time in work so I spent the rest of the morning and early afternoon modelling labour costs.  I was relieved to finish and having met the delivery driver from Tesco at the top of the drive - they don't fancy the incline much - I wandered out to the sheds to do a bit.
With the take-off plate torqued-up, I was able to finish the oil hoses.  It's worked out quite well albeit that it's quite tight where the hoses move up-and-forward to the cooler itself.  I may need to use some heat resistant material to protect the oil lines, including the pressure sender take-off line.
While I was messing about with bowls of hot water and rubber hoses I thought I'd have a go at the flexible fuel lines at the rear.  This was a tougher job than I and anticipated and even having warmed the hoses it was a struggle.  For the second hose, where it connects to the hard pipe that runs down the tunnel, I actually smeared a little vaseline on the copper to help the rubber to slip over the ferule that is acting as a bead.  The proper stainless clips (these arrived in the week) then fitted over very well.
I'll need some tanks to finish the job.