Saturday, 22 February 2014

Correctly Sized Suspenders

The temporary springs have been replaced with the correct items from Faulkner.  Also seen in this photo is the near-side bracket for the  rear ARB,  This side is all bolted-up tight.  The bolt for the top shock-mount is a bit long but life is too short.
The springs all needed compressing slightly to fit onto the dampers.  I don't own any suitable tools so I achieved this by putting my considerable weight on the spring (who would have thought that 'planking' had a practical use?) while Kate clipped the collar into place.
On the front the top mounts are tight but I need to get the ARB offset spacers plated before the lower bolts meet their attachments.

I'm sure that it shouldn't but this lot took me most of the day - with a brief break to watch some rugby.  Oh well.


Sunday, 9 February 2014

Lube Tube

I'm again struggling to devote much time to the poor ol' Gemini.  I have managed to finish one of the oil lines - having expected to buy steel push on fittings from Merlin, I found that aluminium fittings from Hong Kong were 30% cheaper.  I can't really argue with that.  Everything is in customary black - continuing the attempt to make the car look as 'factory' as possible.
The hose was heated-up in a boiling pan before pushing the fittings on.  I've then added some adhesive-lined heatshrink to finish-off the factory appearance and to possibly add a tiny bit of extra security.
I've got one end of the second hose still to do but need to get a fitting ali-welded to the take-off plate before I finally size it up.
Other work included running the cables for the brake light switch - I've experimented with self-amalgamating tape here as I intend to use it elsewhere.  This cable runs behind the fuel tank and I can't put base-fixings in a couple of spots so I plan to glue the cable in place with acrylic - I just need to pick-up some plastic quick-clamps to keep it in place while it cures.
The final little bit of progress made was to rivet some cable tie bases to the rear frame to then carry the wiring for the rear lights.  

T-t-t-t-t-that's all folks.

Sunday, 2 February 2014

ID on the PCIII

Before I stuck some velcro to the bottom of my Power Commander to hold it in place, I thought I should photograph the Serial Number - without checking, I'm sure that the RGB regs require this.  If I put it here I don't lose it.
I've done a bit more wiring, the hoses to the oil cooler are work-in-progress AND I've actually finished the carbon gearchange shaft.

I really need to get it on a ramp to get access underneath.  Hmm.