Saturday, 18 January 2014

And the Oscar for most pointless piece of fabrication goes to...

The rainlight bracket kept looking at me saying. "I'm really heavy."  I took a hole saw to it.  It took about half an hour as I kept having to switch (dead) drill batteries.
No doubt: a total waste of time.  I've also spent a couple of hours today starting to run cables to the front and back of the car for lights.  This went quite well until I realised that I should've run power to the transponder and horn at the same time.


Sunday, 12 January 2014

Snail's Pace.

This is just a very quick post to flag that 2014 has arrived and to say that little has moved on.  I've extended some wires, I am 95% through dressing the roll cage so that it can be powdercoated (need to tart-up the side-impact bar a bit still), I've established that one wheel is leaking from at least three places so needs taking apart and reassembly and I've bought some oil and oil filters.

For Christmas I got some thermal 'Rally Mechanic' overalls.  I need to give them some more use.

In the interest of self-motivation, here's a cool picture of Howard Wilkinson hillclimbing his Gemini in France that I recently stumbled upon.