Thursday, 12 December 2013

Back in Black.

I've had some parts back from powdercoating - all in satin black for a change.
The light switch, brake bias and master switch panels are included.
Likewise, the rear anti-roll bar mounting plate for the passenger side. 
In  other news, this is the gear change rod connected to the paddle by the tiny universal joint.
Finally, here's one of the new front brake lines.  The first pair were too short.  Oh, and matching Chuck Taylors - as you do.

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Pagani-ish... right?

Apologies for contributing to what appears to be the trend in the RGB-related blogosphere - a dearth of updates.  In my case, it's not without good reason: family-first etc.

The main gear-change rod to connect to my paddle is nearing completion.  It seems that I'm not really delivering the planned weight saving.  It looks pretty cool though and that's worth 7bhp surely.
This is a pultruded carbon fibre shaft with custom brass end-fittings.
One of my engineers in work very kindly machined the end-fittings for me at home - and refused to take any sort of payment.  Thanks so much Rich - I am indebted.