Sunday, 10 November 2013

No piccies ≠ no progress

This weekend:
  • The stainless offset spacers have been fitted to the trailing arms.
  • The throttle pedal has been modified to work with throttle bodies that have just 25mm of cable travel - just a tweak to the pad left to do.
  • The gear-change paddle now has a teeny weeny universal joint attached which will in turn attach to the pultruded carbon shaft that connects paddle to fulcrum.
  • The overflow hose from rad to header tank has been finalised.
  • The calcs have been finished that determine what springs I'll run, at least to start with.  This means that I learnt a lot about wheel frequency that I didn't know before.  Interestingly, by coincidence we are aiming at a number similar to that of a Caterham CSR260.

In the absence of any new pics, I thought I'd remind myself of how it started.  It's come a long way but I still need to up the pace in order to get out for the start of the season.

Over and out.

Monday, 4 November 2013

The Poddington Ease

Attached (albeit temporarily):
That aside, I have mostly been making a mess of things.

Grrr - obviously going through one of those all-too-frequent frustrating periods.


Saturday, 2 November 2013

Sub dash thingies.

The Gemini isn't having a dashboard in the traditional sense so I'm having to find homes for some of the switches and knobs.  Having decided on the master switch mounting some time ago I've chosen to replicate the mount for the lights and brake bias adjuster.
This will leave the must-have switches to be mounted in a pod similar to Tim Hoverd's old one on his J15, seen here:
Thanks for another good idea Tim.