Saturday, 28 April 2012

A little less conversation, a little more action...

Plan A for this weekend was to head to Brands Hatch to watch the RGB racing.  I did however have the nagging doubt that my time would be better spent in the workshop.  The weather forecast sealed the deal and, while the shed was hardly toastie-warm, the couple of tweets that I've seen from RGB and Locost competitors suggest that I made a sound choice.

So, I had an afternoon of fabricating and tack-welding ahead of me again.  There really isn't anything exciting to see but here's the pics anyway:

First, the tabs for the rear floor/undertray/non-diffuser.
Next, I've added a support for the tube on which the gearbox is bolted - the last thing that I need is this tube bending or sagging.  A bit of suitably-sized CDS has done the trick.
Finally, while the bottom mounts for the oil cooler are very substantial, the general consensus is that they should be supported at both ends.  My plan is to bolt an aluminium frame to the chassis to do this job.  The little tabs to the left of the two bits of white tape are the result of more grinding, filing and drilling.
Dave at Track Developments is going to get some parts turned for the steering column, reverse mounts and fuel tank mounts.  That will then mean that we can test fit the bodywork to see where the tow-loops need to go and to see if the body itself needs any special brackets.

Next weekend is the Stoneleigh show so I'm unlikely to get into the garage.  I need to determine if there is anything I need to buy though.


Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Race, the final frontier...

... our continuing mission...

Okay, I've not made a massive amount of progress due to a great new job (Mmmmm, Pies!) plus plenty of  busy evenings (spinning mostly - Ouch!)

Anyway, I have done a little bit of fabrication.  This started with the realisation that my standards had dropped a bit on the two parts that I'd previously described as 'organic-looking.'  The upshot is I cut the crappy looking bits off and re-made them.  
The white tape is, as before, in place to remind me what needs final welding.  I'm increasingly inclined to leave this to Dave at Track Developments as he's much better at it than me.  The new little bracket on the left is going to support a RAM mount for my iphone - £9 for a GPS lap-timer/data logger?  Yes please.  The round tube in the foreground of the above picture is set to be the main support for the outer column - it needs to be notched in the centre so that the column can be guided between the brake and clutch pedals.  The 30mm round tube that's rolled under the pedal box in the photo is the outer column itself and needs to be drilled for lightness; think machine-gun barrel.

Also 'fabbed'n'tacked' are the exhaust mount (foreground below) and the mounts for the bolt-on side impact protection (background below and very blurry below-below..)
Sorry - the camera on my phone is really not great!
The column and the reverse motor mounts are the last major parts to fabricate.  I'll hopefully make meaningful progress in the next week or two.