Wednesday, 14 September 2011


My axle casing, differential and half-shafts are being dropped-off with Matt and Ivan at Procomp Motorsport tomorrow evening to be given the once-over.  The casing should return nice and straight or possibly even with a smidgerino of desirable angle.

The search for a local workshop/garage with power is on; I may have tempted fate with Plan A in this regard.


Friday, 2 September 2011

Welding *slash* Wedding...

In an attempt to become a bit more self-sufficient, I've just bought myself a Cebora MIG welder.  I've also got two days of training booked in Rotherham with Martin Keenan of MK Engineering to learn how to use the thing.

In an attempt to add something pictorial to the previous post, here's the prototype wishbones - the top 'un is a touch too short and the bottom one really needs the rod-end to be cranked upwards a bit.  Dave at Track Developments has all this in hand.
Dave also accompanied me to Silverstone last weekend - we went to watch the (very wet) RGB race, to have a look at some of the cars and to have a chat with the builders - I wanted to give Dave a feel for what is involved and what people are doing.  As usual the RGBers were very accommodating and generous with their time.  My thanks go to them; particular thanks go to Della Rogers for the fabulous cake!

Oh and in other news, I asked Kate to marry me.  She said "Yes."  Brrrrrrrrrrraaaap brrrrrrrrraaap!  Err, I mean splendid news!