Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Back to work...

Good News:  I start work on Thursday, signalling the end to a series of events that started in February 2009 at the time of this depressing blog entry.

In other news, I visited to the Stoneleigh Kit Car Show a couple of weekends ago.  A good number of the RGB cars were on display but the main reason for going along was to have a chat with Richard Taylor from Autotune.  What a nice guy!  I'm sure that they are going to be great to deal with going forward.  In fact, there has been some discussion since about me appearing in another Gemini in 750MC SR&GTs later this season.  We'll have to play this by ear at the moment as there is an inevitable trade-off between getting on circuit this year and spending on the new car. 

I dropped in to see Dave Gallop at Track Developments yesterday - we had a general catch-up but I also wanted to check that he still had the drawings for the front wishbones - I'm hoping to get these ordered in the next few weeks.

So there we are - positive news!  As if racing weren't often at the forefront of my thoughts anyway, my cross-country commute takes me straight past Castle Combe.  At least I won't need to pay for postage from Merlin Motorsport any longer.