Monday, 11 April 2011

Across the river without a pedal.

Have you ever put a well-known phrase into an online translator and then converted it from a foreign language back into English?  No?  Me neither.  The title of this micro-post  instead serves to explain that I've moved across the River Severn to South Gloucestershire and also that I've agreed to sell the pedals that I kept from the last chassis  to the new owner of the aforementioned chassis.  The reasons for doing this are:

  1. It would have proved just as difficult to get the pivots made and the bulkhead panel cut as it would to buy a whole new pedal box.
  2. I have in mind that I'd like a pendulum-style pedal box.  My Striker had a modified Escort MkII box and that was great to use.  My only concerns are whether it might clash with the steering column and also that it might be a bit heavy.  In any case its a thought for another day.
There's nothing more exciting to report I'm afraid!