Monday, 11 October 2010

Progressing Pick-Ups…

After fairly extensive analysis and drawing from Dave and his associates at Track Developments a plan has now been formulated. What is rather pleasing is that the rear geometry is apparently very good, with a low roll centre and a good amount of anti-squat – all at circa 100mm ride height. I must admit that I wasn’t expecting such good news and anticipated having to get all of the pick-up points moved.

The front-end wasn’t quite as perfect and clearly wasn’t designed to run at c.80mm ride height. Hence, the original pick-ups have been removed and new ones are in the process of being welded on.
As part of the process of correcting the geometry Dave has also had to turn-up new inserts for the bottom of the uprights – it’s a bit of a pain as it means that the original ones I had made were effectively useless. Its fairly small-change compared to the overall loss as a result of aborting the last project though so I remain philosophical(ish)…

I should pick-up the chassis next weekend and then just need to get it wrapped up for storage while we’re away. A covering of oil and then stretch-wrap is the favoured method of keeping the rust at bay at the moment. If anyone has a better idea, please let me know.