Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Cut 'n' Shut (Pipe)

I read some similar blogs and I’m left in awe of what one guy in a shed often achieves. In many cases I have neither the skill nor the time to replicate these achievements, so it's unlikely that anyone will find much useful advice, for example, on how best to fabricate something here. What I have proved reasonably good at however is finding people who can do this stuff for me. I’ll prepare a list of useful links/contacts sometime soon. One good example is Chris Eva of Evalution Designs ( ) He’s made quite a few things for the car now (a catch tank is next) and is bloody brilliant at what he does.

You may remember me mentioning that the steering column clashed with the lower radiator pipe. I sent Chris the pipe and got him to yield his saw and welder. The result is below. Nicely notched with plenty of room for fluid to still flow. Job done, I’m sure.

I’d like to say a special thanks to Phil M from the Locostbuilders site for sending me the steering rack boots that I’d been searching high and low for – it’s very much appreciated.

Other parts supply issues: On the downside, I’m still trying to find someone to sew a zip in my boot cover; on the plus-side I think I should have my suspension spacers this week.

Right, must get back to the studying (yup, Year 2 of my MBA is underway!)