Monday, 29 September 2008

Surely not another update so soon?

So, I spent a few more hours working on the car today. The steering wheel buttons are all wired-in so it changes gear, which is nice. Neutral is a bit of a bitch to find, but the theory is that it might be a bit easier when the car is running. It’s a good job she’s wired to start in any gear just in case.

I’ve taken a couple more pictures of the surroundings.
It’s saying something when a car looks low and mean in this company, but I think ‘Gulfie’ looks the part!

The slightly blurry picture below is supposed to show the new brackets supporting the radiator and the front of the body tub.Anyway, two updates in two days; is that some sort of record?

Sunday, 28 September 2008

In good company...

The MNR has now moved to its new home. As you can see, it’s in good company. The car in front is a 2000 Nissan Primera Supertourer and the car to the left is Paul Radisich’s 1995 Valvoline Mondeo touring car. You might also be able to see the back end of the racing Caterham on the ramps in front.
I thought I had the cooling system finished when an eagle-eyed individual pointed out that the bolt on the steering column interfered with one of the hard pipes. I’m going to send the offending pipe off to be modified to solve this.

This will leave the suspension set-up as the last major job remaining. I’ve been advised to get some top-hat spacers made rather than use numerous washers so that’s the plan. There are still a few nagging problems. I can’t find any steering rack boots that fit my steel rack and I can’t find anyone to sew a zip in my boot cover. I’m getting tired of waiting to drive the car now and really want to get out in the thing in October.

I’ve been toying with the idea of going racing, either in the MNR or another car. However, I’m conscious that it may bankrupt me so I’m going to wait until 2010. So, it’s trackdays and some sprints for the MNR and me as originally planned.

I’ll take some decent photos (with a real camera rather than a phone) this week to show-off the radiator brackets and other small changes.