Saturday, 30 August 2008

The picture I promised...

I'm afraid that there's no real progress to report and nothing likely for a little while. :(


Monday, 4 August 2008

Exhaust? Tick. Rev-counter? Check. Oil leak? Dammit!

Good news: I have a fully fitted exhaust at long last! The exhaust has cost a fortune between ceramic coating, modifications and the original outlay. I’m just pleased to get it fitted. Once this was on, I was keen to put the car back together and briefly start the thing to get a feel for how noisy it is. The fuel tank was reconnected and filled from the jerry can. The scuttle was put in place and the Master Switch, Ignition/Starter, VR2 dash and SPA gauge all reconnected. Master on, ignition up. Fuel pump clicks until it’s happy and I then lift the ignition switch to its second position. The starter turns but it refuses to catch. This continued for a while until I sprayed carb cleaner down the inlets when it starts. I then realise that the fuel I’ve used is ancient. Oops.

When the car did catch I checked the rev counter. This was the only electrical part still unproven. What a result! It works a treat! I can now honestly say that my home-made wiring loom works in its entirety. Splendid. Just as I’m about to go and buy fresh fuel I notice the oil on the floor. I trace it to the join between the oil pressure sender and its feeder pipe. I must admit I cursed a little and then felt relieved that it was something simple. With the help of my brother, this all got tightened up and it leaks no more.

It was now too late to be starting the beast so I plugged in the Optimate charger and locked up, put the jerry can in the commuter and came inside to drink Becks. Still no sign of the camera charger but I will sort out some photos on the weekend.