Monday, 21 May 2007

How flippin’ cool is that….

Believe it or not but the fact that the engine is in the chassis is actually holding me up! Now that it’s been in and I’ve connected both ends of the prop, I now need the engine out to be able to drill and fit the centre bearing.

The loom from the ECU to the engine is now complete leaving the ignition circuit, fan circuit, brake light circuit, instruments…. Oh dear! I’m waiting on the arrival of a fuse box with a bus-bar to keep everything neat. Once the wiring is in and I’ve measured where the exhaust cut-out (in the body) needs to be the main tub can finally go on.

So what’s so flippin’ cool? Well the solenoid for the Kliktronic is in and it looks fab! I had some nice fixings lying around so they’ve been used as well. The photo shows the hardware in all its glory. The only downside is that the gear-change arm isn’t aligned with the rest of the kit so I’ll need to get that re-made.

That leads me to an important point… I have been totally reliant on a couple of mates to get this far. I can’t weld and I don’t have a lathe so all of the parts that have had to be fabricated have been done by a combination of Lyn, Lenny (another Lyn) and Colin. Thanks gents – I owe you big time.

Where am I against my July target? Miles off! I’ll be lucky to finish in September at this rate.

Friday, 4 May 2007

It's set to be an expensive weekend...

The engine is sitting in place to allow me to run cables to the correct length and fit the prop centre bearing.

I'm of to Europe's biggest Kit Car show on Sunday to buy a lot of "stuff" to complete the build.
It could be costly!

In other news we have two 8-week old kittens. They've kept me out of the garage this week but I don't mind - they're very funny! We've called them Daff and Dill. (Born in spring and the Welsh national flower.)

Hmmm... the most random post yet. **Nice**